Acadian Systems International
Our goal is to educate, engage and excite
your current and potential clients improving
brand loyalty and encouraging brand
We offer increased consumer awareness of
your brand through creative marketing
strategies and innovative smart products.
Cornerstone will effectively develop client
partnerships and ensure that your return on
investment yields are higher, consistent and
Reaching the new generation of Millennials
or Gen Y is our primary focus and forté.
Gen Y consumers are ages 12 to 31 and in
Canada they represent 29% of the population
– over 8.9 million. March 2012 Statistics
Canada reports show that the Canadian
labour market consisted of 4,113,100
Millennials. In the United States the Census
Bureau reported that this representation is
even greater with Gen Y having the largest
number of people per age group – over 84
million or 27.7% and a labour force of
almost 32 million.
Cornerstone is well positioned to take
advantage of growth opportunities
delivering lasting results while meeting
the technological needs of this massive
Gen Y demographic.
Utilizing existing databases and market
research to develop aggregate Gen Y profiles
will enable us to quickly discern and
anticipate the needs of your client base as
well as identify and retain new potential
clients. Smart products offered through
Cornerstone will target your client’s
specific interests improving your brand
awareness, preference and engagement.
Our team is well informed and passionate in
their commitment to cultivate your valuable
client and employee relationships building
upon a foundation of innovative customer
Cornerstone is about building a community
of Gen Y consumers and delivering an
experience that uses innovative smart
technology to create a connection between
the consumer and your brand.

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